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Remember, the final draft of your narrative is due this Friday, 11/15.  Everything on the criteria chart should be turned in with your final draft.


This is just a friendly reminder.  For your prize-winner book report, you must have both a partner and book chosen by this Friday, November 8.  For periods 2-5, if your book needs parental permission, I must have the signed permission notes (which can be downloaded form the "Honors-Level Handouts" page of this website) by this Friday as well.


As stated in class, the size requirements for the book report (the one due 10/11/13) are as follows:

minimum 11"x17"

no maximum


Regarding the book report that is due on October 11th, you MUST choose a book by this Friday, September 20th.  If your book needs parental permission, the permission letter must be in my possession by Friday as well.

Book Fair!

Tomorrow, Wednesday, August 28, we will be attending Millikan's book fair in the Library.  If you would like to buy something, please bring money.

Today (8/15/13) and tomorrow (8/16/13), we will be taking the Gates-Maginitie Diagnostic Test.  It does not count towards your class grade.  Its purpose is to assess your reading level, so I can help you to become better readers and writers.  If you are absent on either of those days, please see me to arrange a makeup date.

Television Show Reviews

To help you with your essay that is due on Friday, 3/22. I have posted two recent, well-written, television reviews from The Hollywood Reporter.  Both reviews can be found on the handouts pages of this website.

Typing Format in Word 2010

If you are using Microsoft Word 2010 and you're confused about the directions for Standard Academic Formatting, here's what to do:

1. Open Word.

2. Click on the tab at the top that says, "home."

3. The third box from the left says, "paragraph."  In its lower right corner, there's a tiny box with a tiny arrow in it.  Click on that.

4. A box titled "paragraph" should appear.

5.  Follow the instructions on "typing format cheat sheet."

Good luck!  If you have any other issues, feel free to e-mail me at [email protected]