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Programs at Armstrong




Resource Program (RSP)

 The resource specialist program is the least restrictive environment for students with learning disabilities.  This collaborative model includes the General Education and Resource Specialist Teachers working together to meet all of the students individual needs. The resource program provides instruction and services to students in English and Math as documented in their Individualized Education Program (IEP). 


Special Day Program (SDP) 

Students who are on the General Education curriculum, but receive Special Day minutes as part of their IEP, are provided instruction in a small group setting taught by a Special Education teacher for up to 4 academic subjects. Depending on the Individualized Education Plan (IEP), students may be enrolled in a general education elective and/or Physical Education.


Special Day Program- (AUT CORE Self Contained)

Students on the General Education curriculum but receive services in a self-contained classroom. Created to help foster enhanced support for students with Autism, self-contained rooms are generally comprised of about ten students with unique struggles who are most commonly instructed by a lead teacher with a certification in special education. Self-contained classrooms will also have at least one Paraeducator who provides instructional support under the guidance of the classroom teacher.


Special Day Program- (Emotional Disturbance)

Student’s who are on a General Education curriculum but receive services in a self-contained classroom. The program is designed with the understanding that all students can succeed academically, behaviorally, and socially if their education, emotional and behavioral needs are met in an appropriate and supportive environment.