Dear Parent or Guardian:

All students entering 7th grade after July 1, 2016 must bring proof of a Tdap Booster given on or after their 7th birthday. Tdap is the vaccine that prevents Pertussis, commonly known asWhooping Cough.

It is required that you bring in proof of your child’s Tdap vaccine to the school now to avoid exclusion. Students, who do not have proof of Tdap on file at school beginning next school year, will not be allowed to attend school.

Tdap may be given at your private physician’s office or at one of the low cost or no cost vaccine clinics found below:

To access the list of immunization clinics in Los Angeles County; click the link,

or call 2-1- 1 (Los Angeles County information line).

LAUSD Nursing Services also holds regular immunization clinics throughout the year during school hours. To access the online clinic schedules, contact your school or visit the Nursing Services Website Immunization Clinic page

Thank you for your efforts in helping control the spread of pertussis while keeping children healthy.

If you have any questions, please contact the School Nurse.