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September 8-18 School wide discussion with staff, parents and community to introduce the proposed names and review the District’s policy on renaming schools. (Collect data from Zoom for meeting participation)


September 21- October 2 Classroom discussions on selection of “School Name” - Each classroom teacher has a class discussion on the topic of what would be a good name for our school.


October 9 Classroom input on “School Name” - Each classroom to conduct classroom surveys to narrow down to two or three options from the proposed names.


October 13 Classrooms submit their selection to the school naming committee. (Collect signed documentation from teacher regarding student participation in voting)


October 9 – 23 School/Parent/Community Input - Narrowed down “School Name” selection. Community Representative distributed ballots to businesses near the school (Home Depot, McDonalds, Sam’s Club, etc.).


October 28 – November 6 School Name selection ballots and information on voting date, time and location shared with all stakeholders via Google and/or emailed to local elected officials as well as the local district.


November 13 Voting Deadline


November 19 School Site Council – DECISION DAY - School Site Council will be briefed about the results of the voting came to decision on school name.


November 30 The school naming/renaming documentation will be submitted to Jose Razo, Local District Administrator of Operations for Local District review and approval. Local District Administrator of Operations will forward to the Division of District Operations.


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