2023 - 2024 Enrollment Information



Welcome to the Louis Armstrong family, we are excited that you and your child are joining us this coming school year. 



The Attendance Office enrolls all students and it’s the only office that will be processing enrollment packets. 

Please proceed to the Attendance Office for your appointment.



Our goal is to assist you in the enrollment process by providing you with an appointment, during which time you can submit your paperwork required to complete the enrollment process.  Please attend your enrollment appointment with ALL your forms completed ahead of time.  We estimate that the total time necessary to complete enrollment should be between 20-30 minutes. 



Enrollment Packets are available in the Attendance Office


Attendance Office hours are 7:30 am to 4:00 pm



If you need to make an appointment, please use the QR Code below or click here.



QR Sign Up


Walk-ins will be welcome, but please keep in mind that parents with appointments will have priority.



All Magnet, Charter and Resident students need to submit a complete Enrollment Packet upon enrollment.



If your child has never attended any LAUSD School, please submit a Pre-Online Application at https://enroll.lausd.net/ and we will contact you after your application is reviewed.



If your would like to verify your School of Residence please click on the following link https://rsi.lausd.net/ResidentSchoolIdentifier/ or click here, school of residence means your child lives within the school enrollment area. 



Late enrollment for our Affiliated Charter and our two Magnets (Performing Arts and SAGE) is available right now.  Please go to directly to echoices.lausd.net/ to apply.



Parents attempting to register with incomplete packets will be asked to reschedule the enrollment appointment.




For more information, feel free to contact us at the Attendance Office:


Reina - (818) 528-1619 or email at [email protected]

Google Voice (818) 570-1313




Meal Application

Our goal is 100% completion for each family every year.

Even if you do not think you qualify please fill out the meal application as it not only provides your student with a free or reduced meal but can potentially provide the school with extra much-needed funding. 

The new Household Income Forms are now available at the Attendance Office,
or you can do it online at https://hif.lausd.net/ (Please provide your confirmation code to the Attendance Office)


For additional information

about our different programs please click on the links below



Performing Arts Magnet

SAGE (Social and Gender Equity) Magnet

Math Academy



All returning Resident, Charter and Magnet