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SUMMER IDEAS from Ms. Harris!!!
I shared the following ideas for keeping your brain working over the summer on our Schoology pages, but I am posting them here in case you missed them!  Click on the link below to see some summer learning ideas and book lists in my "virtual classroom" (thank you to Mrs. carroll for showing me how to do this!), and see the lists below for some more ideas!  




No, not really…But every year I’m asked what my students can do over the summer to remember, review, and prepare for the next school year!  So, I decided to put a little list together to help you out.  Now, you obviously do not HAVE to do all or any of this work…but it’ll CERTAINLY make your next school year a little bit easier…



  • Here’s the best tip…READ!! Read anything and everything you can.  Read a

little bit each day- at least 20 minutes every few days 

  • Go onto READ THEORY. Org and practice your reading comprehension
  • While you read, and when you finish a book, THINK about what you are

reading.  WRITE about what you are reading.  TALK about what you are reading.  CONNECT what you are reading to other books and to your life as much as you can. 

  • See if you can find someone to read the same book as you- then you can

talk about it together after every chapter or so!  It’ll be fun to talk about the book! 

  • If you need a list of good books, there are lots of book lists (including the lists from my class this year!) linked in my virtual classroom! Find it on my Millikan Website. You can also ask your friends for suggestions!
  • Consider joining the FREE reading program at the LA Public Library.
  • Learn as many Greek and Latin word roots as you can!



  • And again…Simple, easy…WRITE! Even if it’s just keeping a journal, any

writing is good practice!  Go through your work from this school year.  Take assignments from this school year and rewrite.  Or, look up writing prompts online and try them out.  Read sample essays online, and then try to improve them!

  • Practice the skills we practiced this year: sentence structure, parts of

speech, punctuation (especially comma rules!), homophones…

  • Use links on my website to brush up on spelling, grammar, punctuation, and

other writing and reading skills.  Grammar Bytes is especially helpful!



  • Look up history videos for kids on YouTube with parent permission.
  • Teach your parents about what you learned this year!
  • Go visit or VIRTUALLY visit some of the MUSEUMS in and around LA! There    are many FREE opportunities all around the city- check it out online! 
  • Create history or English VIDEOS and POWERPOINTS!


  • This SUMMER, set aside at least 1-2 HOURS PER WEEK to read, review,

write, and study.  The summer break is LONG, and you do not want to forget everything that you have worked so hard to learn this year!

  • STUDY- I know, I know, you hear me say it all the time…but it’s a proven

fact: if you study a little bit EVERY DAY, you will understand more, remember more, and be more successful in school! 

  • Remember all the CREATIVE ways we have practiced studying (raps,

vocabulary lists, poems, skits, rhymes, songs, comic strips, teaching someone, going online…) Remember to use these strategies next year!

  • Remember my 4 RULES FOR LIFE: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be

Honest, and Be Positive!

Most of all please have a fun and safe summer!  I will miss you all- please come back and visit me next year!

~Ms. Harris [email protected]


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